It happened to all marketers out there-when you log in to Google Analytics and see unexpected and noticeable traffic reductions; you’re just running your daily report.

First of all, don’t panic. You may feel betrayed by Google Analytics for providing bad news, but don’t shoot Messenger. At that moment, it is your most powerful tool for deciphering the reasons for the feared drop in traffic. By combining the capabilities of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, you can quickly and effectively identify one or more causes behind the reduction in traffic.

Google Algorithm update

Danger level: 10/10

Of the five traffic drop possibilities, this is the easiest to find. Google changes its algorithm 3 to 10 times a year, and the impact is usually theatrical and immediately noticeable. Therefore, if traffic plummets overnight for no apparent reason, it may be due to an algorithm change.

Don’t underestimate changes in Google’s algorithms. If you notice a sudden decrease in traffic and suspect that it is due to an algorithm change, it is advisable to hire a professional agency immediately. If not fixed, your website may never be able to keep up with the traffic.

Algorithm updates may seem significant, but they are prevalent and can be quickly resolved.

What you should do

If you think your website’s traffic has suddenly dropped due to an algorithm change, you should act as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a risk of not recovering. Call us today and get your traffic back.

Your niche is growing in terms of competitiveness.

Danger level: 10/10

Another situation that can contribute to traffic loss is a bit broader. It could be the fact that your niche (and SEO in general) is becoming more and more competitive.

But that’s the most comprehensive possibility on this list, but quickly the most dangerous. If you get into this situation, it means that your website is no longer visible. This means that not only is one competitor chasing you, but there is an entire industry of competitors engaged in SEO to replace you.

If SEO is a marathon and you’re losing traffic, your competitors may be busy creating content and gradually stealing traffic quarterly. This means that they are likely to have been keyword-searched, built backlinks, and scaled their content.

What do you have to do?

You can carry out your SEO strategy. If you’re ready to increase traffic, increase sales, and become the industry’s most trusted business, you need to work on a solid SEO strategy.

Competitors are strategically poaching your keywords.

Danger level-7/10

When developing your content strategy, it’s common to see which keywords your competitors are ranked for. This allows you to create similar content, surpass them, and steal your business. Likely, one of our competitors is currently implementing this strategy, reducing traffic.

Finding an aggressive competitor can be easy, but it can be less obvious than you might think. Not all keywords appear first, but they may appear second or third and slowly steel the traffic. If your competitors are already starting to steal traffic, that probably means they’re just getting started. The more content they create, the more permissions they get, the better their rankings, and ultimately, they steal more traffic from you.

You can react. The best way to generate so much traffic/leads/sales yourself is to launch an SEO campaign. There is no more significant ROI than investing in evergreen content for your business.

What do you have to do?

It’s time to create your content strategy. Learning SEO is the simplest way to do it, but it takes time. Instead, hire an agency with good reviews to help you grow and scale your content, focusing on driving high-quality traffic to your site.

Your busiest page has lost its ranking.

Danger level: 6/10

It’s very common for small businesses to display a single page on their website to provide an unbalanced amount of traffic. This usually happens because you’re not actively involved in SEO, and you happen to end up ranking keywords that provide a lot of organic traffic.

This single page can make up 30%, 50%, or even 80% of total traffic. When this happens, it’s all fun and games until the page loses its position on Google. Therefore, overnight traffic is reduced by exactly 30%, 50%, and even 80%.

If your business relies heavily on a single page to drive traffic and leads, it will hurt your bottom line. You also have to accept that this keyword can be recoverable, but it can also be lost forever.

There is no guarantee in the SEO world, but it is undoubtedly 100% possible to recover a lost ranking. Professional agencies can help you analyze what happened and develop strategies to restore your rankings.

What do you have to do?

Diagnosing this problem is very easy. Log in to your Google Analytics account to see if single-page traffic has dropped dramatically. If so, you will need to analyze any content that has replaced yours on Google and develop a strategy to regain its position.

You also need to be careful. Relying on one page for heavy traffic is not recommended. The ideal scenario is to distribute the traffic over hundreds of pages evenly. This is what we can offer high-quality SEO services. A crazy growth project that will revolutionize your little website in heavy traffic.

Technical issue ruining your site

Danger level: 9/10

Technical problems, which are the most difficult to find, are among the most common (and fatal) causes of reduced traffic. The problem can be a straightforward solution (such as updating to HTTPS) or a considerable solution (such as fixing the entire site map). Here are some common technical issues that can lead to reduced traffic:

  • Duplicate content
  • Inadequate internal connections and use of anchor text
  • Poor backlink profile
  • Server problem
  • Slow loading speed
  • The site is not indexed.
  • Unsecured protocol
  • Wrong 301 redirect

Technical SEO is rather technical. Therefore, it is not advisable to diagnose the problem without the help of an SEO expert.

Most technical SEO problems are time-consuming to resolve, but other technical SEO issues are easy to resolve. Just flip the switch here or click the button. The only way to know is to contact your distributor or expert to see if you can diagnose the problem and provide an estimate of how long it will take to fix the problem.

What should you do?

Hire an SEO agency. Traffic loss may or may not be technically related, but there is only one way to find it.

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