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Request a FREE Website SEO Audit Report

Request a FREE Website SEO Audit Report

Is your web design and SEO reaching it's full potential?

Search Engine Optimisation on your site is the direction you must run to as rapidly as possible for any business searching for substantial and real growth. The simple fact is that putting in the time and effort to get your strategy right for your SEO on your site can send your company to the stars.
website design near me? Moda⁺ are based in Scotland and located equidistant between Edinburgh & Glasgow but we serve clients throughout the UK.
Web Design And SEO. Moda will make your website easier to find online and rank higher, getting you more traffic increasing your bottom line. Re-inventing your website into a lead magnet machine that generates your business more customers, sales and revenue. Contact Us.

Start your business ranking higher in search engines

For any company looking for real and significant growth, then SEO, Search Engine Optimisation on your website,  is the direction you should run to as quickly as possible. The simple fact is that taking the time and effort to get your strategy right for your SEO on your website can move mountains. Knowing how to make such a massive impact comes through knowledge that our website SEO report will give you.

To help you on your journey to target users who want your services and products, we offer a FREE website Search Engine Optimisation report, which includes recommendations customised to your website and business. The information will give you insights such as how are your competitors achieving or underachieving with their website. How does you website hold up with page load times? Do you have the right keywords or link structure. The quality of your content, and readability on mobile devices and many other essential pieces of essential website SEO. All these are critical to the success of any website. Moda will put together a series of recommendations and SEO strategies that will become a revenue driver for your business if implemented.

Moda offer a free website audit and we also offer web design and seo services.

Your FREE SEO Audit Covers the following

Mobile Friendly

Open To All?

52% of global internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Is your website fully mobile-friendly? The report will highlight your websites 'mobile-friendliness'.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Comparisons & Insights

Another excellent benefit of Moda's SEO checker tool is that you can utilize it to see how your competitors succeed or fail. Add your top rivals' domains to make comparisons and insights

Website Load Times

Consumers Expect Your Site To Load in 2 Seconds

Your website's performance and speed play a critical role in SEO; visitors no longer tolerate waiting to access your business.

Organic Traffic

Naturally Generated Search

Organic search is the search engine results that is naturally generated from the content and quality of your website. Organic online search engine result are ranked according to their importance to the search term.

Content Analysis

Content is King

Your success is based upon the authenticity, quality and depth of the content on your website. To have successful content that is useful and original to your users. The audit will explore these issues.

On-Page SEO

Website Structure

Our On-Page SEO Free Audit includes looking at the URL structure & page title etc. and showing you how to produce much better outcomes. We analyse your off-page activities and provide pointers to avert any Google penalties.

Links & Indexing

Primary Influence On Search Engines

The whole essence of the internet is to link information from anywhere to anywhere. Links are still the primary influence on search engines grading your website's quality to provide someone who is searching for anything on the web. These links give your site authority and trust and the fuel for your website engine.


Digital Sales Platform

All you have to do is follow and implement the website SEO recommendations within the report. Moda will provide a clear, actionable, prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your websites ranking in all search engines.

Nothing is FREE in this world so, what's the catch?

There is no catch. We promise.

If you’re struggling to get more potential customers to visit your website, all you have to do is follow and implement the website SEO recommendations within the report. The answers to make your business thrive online may be contained with this FREE report!

Our web analysis will include an seo competitor analysis to see opportunities for your web design and seo.

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We don’t work with anyone, and we work with clients that we know we can make a significant impact. We focus on your actual revenue growth; your bottom line is the end goal for all the work we do.

We love what we do. We design and develop beautifully crafted websites built to be trusted, discovered, to convert visitors into your customers and advocates. At Moda, we transform businesses; we improve them. Continuously.

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