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Beautifully designed Custom website design and development optimised for SEO and Mobile. Built to be trusted, discovered and convert. Successfully.
website design near me? Moda⁺ are based in Scotland and located equidistant between Edinburgh & Glasgow but we serve clients throughout the UK.
Web Design Company. Our Mission is to build effective and innovative websites that capture your brand and business. To improve your conversion rate, maximising your revenue to aid growth for your company and achieve your goals. Contact Us.

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Web Design Complexity Simple £0
Number Of Pages 10 £0
Search Engine Optimisation Basic £0
Written Copy Of Pages 5 £0
Hosting Yes (Basic) £0
Ecommerce 50 £0
Custom Logo Design No
Website Security & Maintenance No £0
LIVE Chat No £0
CMS Training & User Guide No £0
Estimated Quote £0

* The actual project quote may be lower or higher than the cost shown. We will contact you for a full understanding of your specification and  to understand your full vision for your website and  goals. Fill in your contact details and we can then propose what makes the most sense for your business.

Website Cost Calculator Questions Answered!

Several complex factors need to be considered when building a high-quality advanced build or eCommerce website compared to a simple, clean and professional one. These include dynamic features, site structure, product integration, complex graphics and many other considerations.

An expert will be involved in understanding all the functionality and goals for your website build and advice you all through the process. All web development, whatever the complexity, will be fully responsive and look beautiful; you can rest assured of that.

Simple Clean & Professional: Start from £497

Advanced – Complex Graphics Functionality (More Hours): Start from £797

E-commerce – Online Shop: Start from £997

Looking for a great, fully-branded eCommerce Store that will engage visitors and sell?

Website stores need to be 100% foolproof for customers to navigate them quickly and easily. Be completely secure for payments and personal information. Moda builds online stores that have an intuitive shopping user experience.

Every e-commerce websites come with SSL certification and flexible payment options for your customers. 

The eCommerce package will include these pages and functionality:


Product list page

Product details page

User profile page

Login Page

Register page

Product cart page

Payment page

GDPR Compliance

Terms of service & privacy policy page

Additional pages are chargeable:


About page

Contact Us

Search box





The number of pages a website requires depends on your needs and goals; typically, a start-up or small business may need 5-10, although one webpage may be sufficient if all the information is there, for example, when building a landing page for a PPC campaign. Medium to large businesses can have 25+ pages packed with content.

Cost: £50 a page

25+ pages, the final fee is capped at £1250


SEO Ready

Every website Moda Builds comes SEO-friendly as standard. Nowadays, it is essential that you have the best foundations to rank well in search engines.

Cost: £0

Advanced SEO

Give your website a significant boost with an effective SEO strategy that will get your websites noticed by search engines and customers in your industry or service, opening your website and business to online trade.  

This package includes:

Keyword Research & Selection (SEMrush)

Google My Business Setup

Google Analytics & Google Search Console Setup

Meta tag Optimisation

Header Tags Optimised (Ex. H1’s)

Creation & submission of Sitemap.XML

Cost: £497

Advanced Keyword SEO (10 Keywords)

Maximise your websites opportunity for organic (FREE) search engine traffic with the advanced SEO keyword package. Includes several on-page and off-page SEO techniques to boost your websites online presence locally & nationally. And the ability to study and analyse your progression with Google’s Analytical tools.

This package includes:

Keyword Research & Selection (SEMrush)

10 High Volume Focus Keywords

Keyphrase Optimisation

Google Map Citations For Local Business SEO

UK’s Best 60 Local Listing submissions

Website Audit (If Required)

Google My Business Setup

Google Analytics & Google Search Console Setup

Meta tag Optimisation

Header Tags Optimised (Ex. H1’s)

Creation & submission of Sitemap.XML

Cost: £997


First impressions matter—and that’s certainly true when a prospect or client discovers your website. Clear and compelling written copy communicates your businesses unique benefits, purpose, and much more. Give your visitors a clear understanding of what you have to offer.

Professionally written copy will get your site’s visitors enthusiastic about your business and brand. Good copy encourages them to begin the sales process, create an account, or any next step that helps your business grow!

Cost: £50 a page (Up to 500 words)


Your eCommerce store will have full functionality to add as many products as you wish through your content management system. Moda will add an example product in there for you.

Alternatively, if you would like our team to add your products to your store, this will include making sure your product images are perfect, the page has the correct titles and tags for search engines and professional copy.


1 – 5 products = £500

6- 10 products = £1000

11 – 15 products = £1500

25+ = £2000*

* 25+ products, the final fee is capped at £2000 for up to 100 products




Advanced Dedicated Server

Cloud Hosting



None = £0

Basic = £200

Advanced Dedicated Server = £1000

Cloud Hosting = £200


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Common Web Design Questions Answered!
Common Web Design Questions Answered!

World-Class Web Design Agency

UK Website Design & eCommerce Development Company

Website Design + Redesign

Best Investment a Business Can Make

When we design or redesign your website, we always have one eye in improving your bottom line; this is our ultimate goal. A website developed by Moda will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and most importantly increase your sales & revenue. We build world-class websites for new and established businesses. Competent UX (User Experience) design is the key factor when your potential leads are visiting your website. We ensure that the products we build and design are intuitive, look fantastic, and easy to use.

eCommerce Experience

96% Of All purchases By 2040

By 2040, it is estimated 96% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. A startling fact if your business has not yet entered this blossoming trend. At Moda, we provide eCommerce website development services like woo commerce and Shopify. If you are looking to grow your business, then eCommerce is the right direction to go. We have the experience and skills to build and grow your online sales platform that consumers will love, giving them a smooth, fast and seamless experience when making any purchase online. We are also with you for the journey to reach your goals, and to support all the other dimensions of creating an eCommerce website perform successfully over many years.

Landing Page Design

Want More Conversions?

Websites can be full of distractions, a well-designed landing page which is hyper-focused will increase sales and maximise your lead quality, driving your revenue upwards. Landing pages are designed for your customers with one single conversion in mind. Getting traffic to your website is one thing but converting that traffic into a sale is something altogether different. Whether visitors have come from a PPC campaign or any other advertising campaign, a quality landing page can convince a user to stay and perform a specific action, such as making a purchase, reading an article, making a booking or whatever goal you have in mind. Moda design professional landing pages that will increase business and keep a much higher retention rate on your website, concluding your objectives to seal the deal.

WordPress Developers

Easy to navigate CMS

WordPress dominates the CMS market powering 60% of the internet and is contributes to over 35% of all the websites online. As a tried and trusted Content management system, WordPress is our go-to platform for development. The platform offers unlimited possibilities for any website desired, and with it's the ease of use is ideal for any client. Loved by search engines, it is a cost-effective, flexible, and simple to navigate. Here a Moda we know how to make beautifully crafted websites, built on a firm WordPress foundation. Such a base allows your website to thrive for online searches, functionality and your day to day running of your website and business.

Mobile Optimised

50% of All Traffic Use Mobile

The mobile-friendly website comes as standard at Moda, its at the heart of all our web development. It is allowing your website to look perfect across multiple platforms. 50% of all activity and online searches use a smartphone or tablet. A mobile-first strategy and development must be at the forefront of any web developers mind. Mobile search has now overtaken desktop; Google's indexing of your content is dependent on mobile responsive. Google uses your mobile version of your website to evaluate and rank your content. Supporting users on the go is crucial to the success of your website, business and ultimately your revenue.


Security, Speed & Scalability

We can take care of your websites hosting; all our packages give you full security, speed, reliability and scalability. So no matter what size of the website we host, our dedicated servers will be able to cope comfortably. We provide clients of all sizes with stable and resilient hosting and advise you on the most appropriate hosting for your business. Every hour that a website is down cost you precious sales; imagine having an eCommerce website down over a Christmas period. It pays to make the right choice for your hosting, and we can help you all the way.

Websites That We Have Transformed

Common Web Design Questions Answered!

Are you planning to hire the best website design and development company? Well, you need to read this article before taking the steps.

Understand that your website acts as a window to give your customers an overview of your business. Websites designed by web development companies play an essential role in your business in achieving your desired marketing goals. Whether you design your website for the first time or refurbish it, your decision to hire the best website development and design company in the world will determine the success of your website.

Most importantly, these questions will help your brand find the right web design agency for your job-ideally using all the services related to creating a website. You can get a one-stop-shop approach that you can by a team dedicated to the project. So, you can get exactly the website you dreamed of.

Before getting on a full-fledged website design or redesign, there are 20 of the most critical questions you need to ask. There are many factors involved in website design, and if you are building a brand-new website, you may want to nail it for the first time.

Web design and development companies offer both options to meet the needs of their clients. Some choose their look and feel built from scratch, while others choose templates to customise and save money. Before moving, discuss what you need for your website and compare the prices of both options.

Your website isn’t just about your business’s online presence, and it should pay off your investment and get your website to deliver business results. For this, request a case study. Case studies show concrete results such as increased online sales, increased leads, and increased conversion rates over a specific period.

This is an essential step in further clarifying the appearance and characteristics of your site. It also provides a reference for web design teams to see the vision in their heads more clearly and realize it. Pick up your favourite and disliked websites and clearly explain the reasons for both.

If you have an existing site, ask your web designers to provide site analysis or feedback on the current site to learn about the designer’s thinking process and ideas. Designers interested in helping you get what you need are new to you if all you need to do is make some changes to your current site. Also, be sure to check this process if you need to import content from your current site to your new site or transfer links to your new domain.

Good branding and website design require business and industry research to succeed in business strategy, design, and marketing. Work with a designer who understands your need. Your partners, customers, and prospects are the life of your business. Build a marketing strategy around them. Most designers can design websites for any business, but ask if they are an expert or have a lot of information about a particular industry/target.

It’s always good to communicate your budget clearly before starting a project. Some companies list package prices on their websites, and some companies require a custom quote that includes all services. Ask your web designer about the options they offer and consider them for your budget. Unless otherwise stated, web hosting, domain registration, plugins, and stock images usually have additional costs. We favour being honest with what we offer and want to be transparent about our prices.

Request it at the start of your project to avoid searching for content, images, passwords, etc. Talk to your web designer to get an accurate list of what you need to provide to get started. We typically meet and schedule time to meet and provide written content, images, account information, and design feedback.

Web designers need to provide a time frame for their project based on what they have and what they need to complete before starting the project.  Check if the timeline suits your needs. We encourage you to spend time on unexpected issues and changes. Always read the contract, as some companies clearly state the deadline for the project and charge late fees if the project is overdue.

Most web designers are not copywriters, so they outsource copywriters responsible for creating marketing-focused content for your site. Alternatively, you can create content for your site. It’s a great idea to give your content to the publisher for review and ask your colleagues to critique it. The text on your website is essential that it is advisable to hire an expert to get it right first.

Web designers provide template websites, complete websites with custom code, and a combination in between. Is your website customised and coded from nothing? Maybe it a website built on a CMS and customised from an existing theme/template? Not all CMS platforms are the same, so it’s essential to know how it works. Do you have the specific design or technical features you need? Be sure to ask about features and limitations, what you can and cannot do.

Collect brand images, graphics, videos, and materials (logos, fonts, colours). Ask if they can use the images you have for a new design. Find out if you need to take professional photos or pay for stock images.

A content management system (CMS) is used to create and organise content on a website unless you get the coded website from the beginning. It’s important to know which CMS the designer uses to develop the website, especially if you’re adding content and maintaining the website after launch. Does your CMS support growth and e-commerce? Can I update it myself? Do you have all the features your business needs, and will you need them in the future?

Google’s mobile index makes mobile-optimized designs non-tradable. Websites that respond to desktops, laptops, mobiles, and tablets with HTML code of the same URL are Responsive Web Design (RWD). The layout of your website automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device you are viewing.

We included it from the beginning of site development.  SEO strategies such as image optimization, alternative tagging, mobile optimization, and keyword research can help your site rank high on Google.

You provide the web design and development team with the text, images, content, and other stuff you need for your site, and if you want the content to be created by a web design company copywriter. You must provide them with brief details about the nature of your work. Ask your web design company how attractive your website logo can be, look for their experience in this area, and look for their other logos created by them.

Your website should be one of your most important digital marketing and sales tools. How does your website turn website visitors into leads and generate more sales? What strategy do you use? If you are starting your marketing strategy, this is a complete introduction to online marketing.

Search engines love websites with various pages and rich content. Websites typically have a “Company Profile,” “Inquiries,” “Frequently Asked Questions,” and “Terms of Service,” while other pages such as blogs, services, introductory texts, and products are based on industry.

Once you have established the answers to these questions, you are ready to realise your new website dreams with a clear mind and a more understanding of the project scope. And if you are ready enough to want to start now, you can always contact us for advice, guidance or a proposal.

Why choose Moda⁺ for your web design?

We don’t work with anyone, and we work with clients that we know we can make a significant impact. We focus on your actual revenue growth; your bottom line is the end goal for all the work we do.

Moda⁺ is a web design company on a mission

We love what we do. We design and develop beautifully crafted websites built to be trusted, discovered, to convert visitors into your customers and advocates. At Moda, we transform businesses; we improve them. Continuously.

Moda⁺ is a web design company that primarily builds web design for the UK , and locally for Edinburgh, Glasgow & Lanarkshire.

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