What is crypto & NFT marketing?

Crypto marketing is a process that involves increasing the awareness of a project and its value through social media promotion. It’s usually carried out during a specific period. Unlike digital marketing, crypto marketing is different from traditional ones. The key to successful crypto marketing is focusing on the right things: energy and money.

Social media is a crucial point in digital marketing for crypto projects.

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to social media is overloading their platforms with too much promotion. Below are the social networks we recommend focusing 90% of your attention and budget:

• Reddit

• Steemit

• BitcoinTalk

• Quora

• Facebook

• Linkedin

• Twitter

• Discord


Why do you need crypto marketing agency specialists?

The rules of the game in the crypto world are constantly changing. For instance, when it comes to advertising for ICOs and cryptocurrencies, the rules were changed quite quickly. Due to the number of companies participating in ICOs, it isn’t easy to compete against them in attracting investors. Without a good marketing agency, the emergence of a new token will be overshadowed by the lack of attention. Regulation and compliance with legal norms should also be considered.

Only the best crypto marketing agencies have in-house experts who are fully aware of cryptocurrencies’ various aspects.


Top 7 Crypto Marketing Agencies


This new digital marketing agency is an excellent fit for startups or existing businesses wanting to expand their operations. They offer a free consultation, which allows them to develop a strategy for their individual needs.

Key Benefits:

Define your individual goals and create a roadmap to achieve them.

Identify your competitors and study their good and bad strategies to use only the best methods that are inherent in the market leaders.

Planning and developing strategies is a critical step in getting the most out of your money. DaPixel is excellent at this method.



Ninjapromo is a full-stack digital marketing agency that specialises in blockchain marketing. They go beyond traditional marketing by developing disruptive strategies for social media, content production, and public relations.

Key features:

Specialises in Social media marketing for Crypto companies. Have a great team with a good track record of clients; responsive with the contact, using a website chat where they answer all your questions.



ICODA is a full-cycle digital marketing agency specialising in crypto and blockchain marketing. They work with a team of crypto and blockchain enthusiasts passionate about the industry.

Key features:

They work with companies to reach out to local markets in Russia, China, and Korea. They handle real-time data on leading crypto exchanges and their unique algorithms for developing the token market.

They have a wide range of services for marketing ranging from website creation and content filling to analytical review. For registration, they assist in filling out and submitting the necessary documents.



If you are a startup or an existing token holder, then Coinbound is the agency for you. They mainly focus on digital marketing and crypto influencers. They are the world’s leading influencers in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Their work is done through social media platforms such as YouTube and Twitter.

Key features;

Their client’s Twitter account has grown over 300% during the first three months. A strong indicator that their clients are satisfied with their work.

Although search engine optimisation is essential, Coinbound’s approach is focused on quality content that will attract real fans of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. With over ten years of experience in the digital marketing industry, Coinbound can help you analyse and improve your marketing plan.


Bitcoin Marketing Team

Established in 2014, Bitcoin Marketing Team is one of the oldest digital marketing agencies in Europe. They have a vast client list that has raised over $110 million.

Key features:

Their team has a deep understanding of the video game industry and can offer a complete marketing solution—good optimisation of data-driven CPM and PPC ad campaigns. The Bitcoin Marketing Team has its website development team to help you rank your site as the top search engine.


Cryptoken Media

Cryptoken media is a full-service digital marketing agency that specialises in crypto projects. They help their clients reach new customers and increase their profitability.

Key features:

Particular attention is paid to content. Because crypto marketing is only as effective as content well done.

One of the most critical factors that Cryptoken media considers is the image of your project. It’s essential that they create a trusted one.

Various types of advertising are implemented in crypto marketing, such as social networks, email marketing, and video advertising.



The agency has 25 experts in its team and 30 marketing services that more than 200 clients have already used.

Key features:

It has an impressive list of services you need at the initial stage.

The high speed of work combined with quality makes them different from other crypto marketing agencies globally. They promote crypto projects and attract clients in leading Asian countries: Japan, China, and Korea.



Before hiring a crypto marketing agency, make sure that they pay attention to the website’s content and build a strong relationship with their potential investors.

A good agency should also ensure that they can provide all the necessary support for the project, including creating a website and communicating with the investors. A good agency should also handle both long and short-term projects. It’s also essential to have someone who can work seamlessly with both parties.

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