NFT’s are becoming more prevalent as digital art has become more popular. They are not just seen as a status symbol, but also as a way to express individuality. NFT’s are opening up new avenues for artists, and many industries are starting to embrace the trend.


What Is An NFT Anyway?

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. They can be used to purchase goods and services on a website, or they can be replaced with something else. In the last year, the world of NFTs has become more of awash in digital artwork, with people wanting to own their own pieces of art.


How Is Social Media Influencing The World Of NFTs?

Social media has also helped NFTs become more popular, with people sharing their experiences and buying rare digital art. There is also a growing community on YouTube and Twitter for NFT influencers.

NFTs are getting noticed by the industry, which has started many careers for digital artists.


Giancarlo buys tokens

YouTube: 42.3k  |  Twitter:13.8k

Giancarlo is a passionate NFTs advocate and is active across various platforms. He provides his followers with engaging content that’s highly educational.


Mark Cuban aka @mcuban

Twitter: 8.5M

Mark Cuban is a media personality and entrepreneur who has heavily invested in NFTs. His massive reach and influence have allowed him to easily dominate the space.



Twitter: 119.4k

Punk6529 is a cryptocurrency investor and collector, and he provides his followers with valuable insight on the world of NFTs.


Tony JRNY aka @JRNYcrypto

YouTube: 577k  |  Twitter:486k

Tony is the founder and creator of JRNY crypto. He writes about various crypto-related subjects on his profile.


The Bitcoin Express aka @TheBitcoinExpress

YouTube: 110k   |  Twitter: 9k

The Bitcoin Express started out as a YouTube channel that provided educational content about crypto and NFTs. Back in 2019, he was one of the first influencers to talk about the potential of NFTs for artists.


EllioDAO aka @elliotrades

YouTube: 505k  |  Twitter:374.4k

Aside from being an NFT influencer, EllioDAO also owns a project and is an incredibly skilled crypto YouTuber. He is also encouraging more budding artists to get into the market.


Murat Pak aka @muratpak

Twitter: 256.2k

Murat Pak is a prominent digital artist who is ranked as the second most prominent NFT artist on Twitter. He has inspired a lot of aspiring artists.


RyandCrypto aka @ryandcrypto

YouTube: 16.7k  |   Twitter: 5.5k

Ryan helps promote NFT projects by providing his audience with detailed analyses. He helps them make informed decisions when it comes to investing in NFTs.


Bret Malinowski aka @thebrettway

YouTube: 19.5k   | Twitter: 11.8k

Aside from being an NFT influencer, Brett is also an NFT project founder. He provides his followers with a detailed analysis of projects and encourages them to get involved with them.


Keith ‘NFT Kid’ Berry aka @kokid951

Twitter: 47.5k

Keith is a young and active NFT celebrity who enjoys getting in touch with his audience and discussing all the latest news in the industry.

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Mark Preston

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