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Request a FREE SEO Audit Report

Request a FREE SEO Audit Report

How visible is your website?

A massive £76 billion was generated by eCommerce last year in the UK. Our Moda team use several professional industry-leading tools to review and understand your current SEO, good and bad. We will provide FREE invaluable recommendations that will upgrade your SEO and visibility!
Digital Marketing Agency delivering B2C or B2B Marketing services for growth-hungry businesses. Through intelligent data, insightful strategies and creative content, we amplify results.
SEO Page Analysis. Our mission is to get your business ranking higher in search engines, earning more authentic and qualified visitor traffic, which will substantially increase your revenue with a fully-managed and customised Search Engine Optimisation services. With our, premium SEO campaigns, our team can help to make your SEO a sustainable revenue driver for your business. Contact Us.

Start your business ranking higher in search engines

For any company looking for real and significant growth, then SEO, Search Engine Optimisation is the direction you should run to as quickly as possible. The simple fact is that taking the time and effort to get your strategy right for your SEO can move mountains. Knowing how to make such a massive impact comes through knowledge that our SEO report will give you.

To help you on your journey to target users who want your services and products, we offer a FREE Search Engine Optimisation report, which includes recommendations customised to your website and business. The information will give you insights such as keyword Analysis and your website’s health through Domain authority. Your site’s speed & security, the quality of your content, and readability on mobile devices and many other essential pieces of the SEO puzzle. All these are critical to the success of any website. Moda will put together a series of recommendations and SEO strategies that will become a revenue driver for your business if implemented.

As part of the report we conduct an SEO page analysis and an SEO competitor analysis.

Your FREE SEO Audit Covers the following

Domain Overview

What is Domain Authority?

Essentially, it is an indicator of your SEO's health and success, and this health is scored from 0-100. There is a correlation between your score and your search engine rankings. Increase your score, increase your rankings, meaning being found more and generating more traffic to your website.

To have effective SEO Glasgow or SEO Edinburgh your page speed needs to load in under 3 seconds.

Speed & Security

Consumers Expect Your Site To Load in 2 Seconds

Your website's performance and speed play a critical role in SEO; visitors no longer tolerate waiting to access your business. Another essential factor when ranking successfully is the security and accessibility of your website. The report will shine a light on these issues.

Keyword Research is so important to the success of your business ranking well on search engines

Keyword Analysis

How do you rank against your competitors?

Keywords are the foundation of quality SEO. What Keywords do you rank for in search engines? How do you rank against your competitors? What keywords are you missing from your SEO? All these are critical for your online business. Our report will shed light on where you are, and where you should go for your keyword campaigns.

Content Optimisation

No. 1 Factor In Organic SEO

The most critical factor for your organic results in search engines is your on-site content, fact. Search engines process your content to decide on how to rank your website. Moda's SEO audit will review the quality and targeting of your site's content.

Mobile Responsiveness

52% Of All Traffic is Mobile

52% of global internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Is your website fully mobile-friendly? The report will highlight your websites 'mobile-friendliness'.

Social Activity

Social Signals Effect SEO

Engaging with your audience through your Online social platforms is a strong signal to search engines, affecting your ranking performance. Has your social media activity influenced your SEO?

Back link Audit

Primary Influence On Search Engines

The whole essence of the internet is to link information from anywhere to anywhere. Links are still the primary influence on search engines grading your website's quality to provide someone who is searching for anything on the web. These links give your site authority and trust and the fuel for your website engine.


Let Your Business Thrive Online

All you have to do is follow and implement the SEO recommendations within the report. Moda will provide a clear, actionable, prioritised list of recommendations to help improve your websites ranking in all search engines.

Nothing is FREE in this world, so what's the catch?

There is no catch. We promise.

If you’re struggling to get more potential customers to visit your website, all you have to do is follow and implement the SEO recommendations within the report. The answers to make your business thrive online may lie in this FREE report!

We offer SEO services throughout the UK including Scotland, Edinburgh & Glasgow.

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We don’t work with anyone, and we work with clients that we know we can make a significant impact. We focus on your actual revenue growth; your bottom line is the end goal for all the work we do.

Moda is a SEO services company. As an SEO expert in the UK we live and breathe search engine optimisation and building digital marketing channels. Through smart data and beautifully crafted website design and development, we transform businesses; we improve them. Continuously.

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