Your leads are only as good as the website that produces them. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as throwing a “Click Here” button on your home page and watching the leads pour in. Designing a landing page that’s built for leads doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time-consuming. The following steps are proven lead generation boosters that can increase conversions and increase your site’s trust factor and authority.

1. Speed 

Website visitors will not stick around long on your website if it is too slow. In fact, one study found that 87% of visitors will leave the website if there is a load time of over two seconds. Use a speed tool to get a sense of your website speed. 

2. Contact Number

Adding a contact number to your website may seem contradictory, especially if you sell a digital product. Adding the contact number increases the visitor’s trust and lends credibility to your offer. The presence of a contact number brings the visitor comfort, even if they don’t actually call. 

3. Call to Action (CTA)

Ensure to have contact forms on each page. Having easy access to the actual lead generation form is paramount to increasing the number of leads through your website. Try to ask for as much minimal information as possible. Particularly on the first step as visitors are more likely to complete the online form. 

4. Live Chat

Try adding a live chat service to your website as these are increasing in popularity due to visitors expecting to use the services when learning about what they wish to buy from your website. This means you could be missing out on a major lead generator. 

5. Testimonials 

Testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, but adding photos or even rich media such as video or audio can take your website a step further. Solid testimonials can have a powerful impact and lend support to your offerings. 

6. Whitespace

Make good use of whitespace as this is one of those little things in web design that can make a big impact. Give your content, photos, and forms breathing space rather than trying to fill up every empty space. There’s no need to add something just to take up room, it can end up only serving as a distraction to your visitors and lowering your conversion rate as a result. 

7. Test, Test, Test

We can’t stress the importance of testing your website, this can do wonders for your click-through rates. Something as simple as testing out the wording, layout, and images being used can have a huge impact. 

8. Leads Workflow

Leads are only as good as your nurturing efforts. Place leads into your workflow once they complete a form from your website, this allows the visitor not to forget about you and gives you the opportunity to deliver them with valuable content. 

You depend on leads to close sales and grow your business. Using some of the tips above, allows you to take advantage of every opportunity without letting unsatisfied visitors slip away.

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